by Trevor Potter.

I was born in Los Angelis in 1988, but I’ve spent the majority of my adult life here in Cape Town.  I matriculated in Cape Town in 2007 from Bergvliet High School.

I then attended the University of Cape Towns’ ‘Michaelis School of Fine Arts’ and received my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 2012, specifically majoring in sculpture.

Upon receiving my degree, I immediately began producing my own work for the Holden Manz Gallery in Franschhoek. My medium of choice at this time was scrap metal and the body of work that I produced during my time with the gallery consisted of animatronic machines and robotic animals crafted in a ‘steam punk’ type fashion.

Towards the end of 2013 I approached Bronze Age/Woodstock Foundry with the desire to further my education and gain some hand on experience with the production of bronze sculptures. Otto Du Plessis, the sculptor and owner of Bronze Age, agreed to take me on and as such I began an informal apprenticeship, with Otto as my mentor.

Over the past few years I familiarised my self with the various processes preformed by the bronze foundry; I began managing projects on the behalf of Bronze Age in the capacity of resident artist; I also began taking on my own commission based clients; and finally have retaken to producing my own work.

In my time with Bronze Age I have worked with artist such as Brett Murray, Wim Botha, Paul du Toit, the Haas brothers, Misha Kahn and countless other local and international artists and designers.

Currently I produce functional sculptures which tend more towards high-end furniture design. My works have most recently featured in exhibitions held by the Southern Guild gallery, namely ‘Transformations’ and ‘New Wave’.

Contact Trevor at pottre1515@gmail.com.

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