by Lané van Tonder.

The creative world has always been the crux of inspiration in my life and has pushed me in directions I never expected.  I learnt to channel my passion for arts and creativity into a form of art with purpose and function, being design and illustration.  I believe that all art is essentially illustration and that all my work is a narrative.  Illustration is a big passion of mine, ever since i was young.  my primary goal in life is to make a living doing what I love, and that is the hope with illustration and design.

Everything we do has a history and what is history?  It is a story.  My inspiration comes from my environment, people around me and things I se, phrases I hear, and relationships in people.  I don’t really worry about quantity, or making the next piece my greatest one ever. just creating and working at it, is what I love.  I would eat, sleep and dream illustrations. I feel that half the process of a living piece of art, is the visual hint you give and it is down to the observer to complete the story, not me.  That’s the real beauty of illustration.

I like including small, quirky details in my works to engage the viewer.  Illustration and making art helps me to find inspiration for the designer that lives inside me.  I enjoy contributing to any illustration events that will make use of my creative ability. 

Contact Lane at l11vtonder@gmail.com

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