by Andrew Brooke

aka Messy, is a young, inspired photographer and illustrator with a design background. Andrew studied and obtained his BA degree in Graphic Design, and will be completing his BA Honours next year. He loves sociology, anthropology, psychology, symbolism and how it all comes together to help him create visually questionable imagery.

“I love human perception, how like-minded society has become, then breaking that perception, making one question their own thoughts and processes. It all comes down to shock value, and the sensitive, fragile nature of humans. It fuels me to shock: negative critique only makes it all so much more fun. Anything and everything considered ‘wrong’ or ‘a touchy subject’ only adds a positive fuel to the blazing fire that is my creative mind”

Andrew is currently a lecturer at the Design School of Southern Africa (DSSA). He loves teaching and developing young minds whilst developing and growing within his own processes and artwork. Apart from teaching, Andrew freelances as a photographer and illustrator.

“I am rarely proud of my own work, because I am constantly thinking of new, more innovative ideas. It is frustrating and exhilarating at the same time.”

Contact Andrew at andrew.t.brooke@gmail.com

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