Hand bound, leather covered

Our books are all about that personal touch, each one is hand bound by a master binder, glued and sewn for extra strength to last the years.

We have carefully selected papers that are acid-free and archival, also carrying the FSC certification.

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How to setup your files



You can use either of the profiles. RGB will give you a better result for photographic work, while CMYK will be more suitable for vector work and lots of text. if you are not sure about profiles click here for more information or chat with one of our consultants.

3-4 weeks

This is the time to produce a book properly, there are things to take into account when making a book by hand. The glue needs to cure properly, the paper needs time to breathe and adjust to the moisture in the air. Don’t rush this process.


File type

Files should preferably be in Adobe PDF format, with a profile embedded. We can also accept individual files for a book, just label them starting with 001 and so on, this is more important than you might think.


This is the amount of bleed required when submitting artwork for print. please see this post for some more details and a downloadable PDF.


Our hardcover books are expertly hand bound by a master binder, each book is cleat sewn and glued, no staples or shortcuts.

  • No software limits to your page design, send us your final PDF, or a series of image files and we will craft your book for you.
  • Exceptional range of papers from textured stocks to smooth recycled speciality papers.
  • The spine is hand sewn and glued for strength

Custom Endsheets

No more black or white endsheets! Now you can design your own, let your imagination run wild.

  • Can be any design you come up with.
  • Endsheets compliment your book’s design.
  • Endsheets are a critical component of the book’s strength, we print on thick durable paper to ensure the integrity of the book.

Choose your cover

We have a wide range of covers available from leather to fine Italian linen.

  • Wibalin
  • Linen
  • Smooth leather
  • Aged leather
  • Buffalo leather
  • Printed cover

There are a wide variety of cover materials available too many to list, give us a call to discuss your needs.


Finishing your book your way with foiling, embossing, debossing to name a few options.

If you don’t choose a printed cover you have stepped into a wonderful world of custom binding. Leather can be aged, stressed, coloured, foiled, raised, indented, cutouts can be made on the covers. The options are quite extensive.


For a tactile experience try debossing on your book cover.

This can be a vector design up to A4 in size, a block is then made and pressed into your cover material. This can also be done on business cards and other corporate marketing material.

Std type foil

This is the standard letter type that our binder has in stock, low cost as no block is required.

If your job has a tight budget why not use this method to add a splash of colour to your book. There are various foiling colours available, black, white, silver, copper, gold.

Pro Tips

Front page spread

When submitting a book design, remember that the front page is a single page, then the following 2 pages are the first spread.


Always do a proof of a page in your book to check things like shadows and highlights, digital press prints are not as accurate as an inkjet and might render a little differently than expected.

File naming

When submitting individual files, name them starting with 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.

This will make sure when we combine the single pages your book will be bound in the correct order.