The ANTI Poster Project

Support your favorite artists

What is the Anti-Poster project?

The Why

What is this project about, you ask. We are printers with a passion for all things creative, and every day we are blown away by the amazing designs we see. I think we are quite privileged to be able to take such great content and get to turn it into a piece of art.
The most interesting works are usually from the students that crash into our shop with impossible deadlines, just trying to make it to the weekends. After the hand in date, the work gets shuffled into a portfolio to be used as currency to get a job. We love our clients and what better way to show our appreciation than to show off their work, so the Anti-Poster project was born.

The How

The problem is that everyone is crazy busy, and we really love printing, so our plan was to sell the prints in one size, like a giant calling card with the artist’s details on the back on the poster, the proceeds would be split into 3 parts, and we would do all the work. The first part to the artists, for their unceasing creative energy, then a charity, because we want spread the love, and finally a bit for the good folks at WetINK for putting this all together.
  • Artist 33% 33%
  • Charity 33% 33%
  • WetINK 33% 33%

Get involved.

  This project is for anyone in the creative space that would like to get some exposure. If you would like to get involved follow this link for more infomation.¬†

Commitment to the artists.

  We are always striving to find ways to help our clients get into contact with potential customers. In the case of the Anti-poster project, we include the artist’s details on the back of the poster for this reason. For example, you just bought a poster and that epic illustration¬†style speaks to you, why not get into contact with the artist and see if they could design a logo for your new business venture. Or maybe you would like to see other work that they have done, perhaps purchase a limited edition print of another of their artworks. Boom! Flip the poster and you have their details.

Buying options.


Choose from 3 styles of poster, each with its own character to suit your display needs.

Our standard print size is A3 (420mm x 297mm)


The artwork is printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 148gsm paper. This is known as one of the finest printing papers made today.


This is the artwork printed on Mohawk Eggshell 148gsm paper, and supplied with an ARTGRIP frame. These are available in 3 colours, white, black and natural wood finish. This allows easy display and changing your artwork is a snap.


This is the artwork printed on Mohawk Eggshell 148gsm paper, framed in a slim black frame that looks great with pretty much everything.

How to get your poster.

We offer free in-store collections at our WetINK branches in Pretoria and Cape Town, or delivery via our courier on a 3-8 day service.