Prints that last over 200 years

Epson and Canon both produce some of the best pigment inks in the world, tested by the Wilhelm Imaging institute to last in excess of 200 years you can be assured your prints will be remembered.

We have a great selection of Hahnemühle paper, this company has been in the paper business since 1584 producing mould made watercolour papars and are at the forfront of digital inkjet papers.  Their papers have the most beautiful surface textures, especially Photo rag, Museum Ethching and German Etching. Hahnemühle paper also holds high ink densities very well resulting in ultra sharp prints with great black density. One of our favorite paper brands.

Photo Rag

310gsm – 100% Cotton – Acid free

  • This is a smooth white cotton paper, it is quite soft to the touch and boasts a velvet or felt surface structure giving a luxuroius feel. It is best suited for delicate protraits or images with high detail.
  • Conforms to ISO9706 specifications ensuring museum level quality and age reistance.
  • This paper also flattens very quickly and wont curl.
  • White point of 92.5 / Low OBA content.
  • Also available in 188gsm on request.
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Museum Etching

350gsm – 100% Cotton – Acid free – No OBAs

  • This etching paper features an eggshell surface texture, we really love the feel and the weight of this paper, just enough texture to give it character but not interfere with the image. Just the way we like it.
  • The cotton content guarantees achival standards.
  • As with most cotton papers you wont have a problem with paper curl.
  • White point of 87 / no OBAs.
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German Etching

310gsm – 100% α-Cellulose

  • This is the best paper for watercolour replication, it strikes a great balance of texture vs detail and has an excellent black point.
  • It is quite a toothy paper, with an organic texture which most other manufacturers cant quite achieve.
  • White point of 92.5 / Low OBA content.
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Felix Schoeller is one of the biggest mills in europe having started in 1895, they have over 1168 different products shipping to over 71 countries. One of their key traits is their paper coating that ensures long lasting prints, they seem to be the leaders in this field and we can attest to the quality of their products.

True Fibre Matt

200gsm – α-Cellulose

A well priced matt paper with a texture similar to Museum Etching, its a great paper considering that it also meets achivability standards of ISO9706

Its is a thinner paper and more rigid than a cotton paper retaining some of the curl from the roll.

CIE White point >78

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True Matt – High white


An excellent general purpose paper, with a very stong white point, it has a smooth surface texture making it ideal for illustration work especially when you want you image to pop!

Conforms to ISO9706 standards for archivalbilty

White point of >140 

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True Ivory


This ivory stock is actually very close to the whitepoint of most of the Fine Art papers such as Museum Etching, making it the ideal candidate for proofing or simulating a final art work.

Conforms to ISO9706 standards for achivability.

CIE white point of 100

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